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Rain Boots for Fashion And Function

Nowadays, there is a trend in fashion that involves functional and practical items. The humble pair of rain boots is one of them. These boots were especially developed to protect the feet from rain water and puddles on the streets during the rainy months.

The trend in fashionable rain boots have just recently entered the scene maybe due to the need for making this par look modern and better than ever. It may be true that the humble pair is only often used when there’s rain, but you’ll see that there are many people, especially women who wear them.

Today’s rain boots have originated from the English Wellington boots, which are also believed to be as not as good-looking as their American counterparts. Wellingtons are waterproof and below the knee, and they are usually dark green in color. The first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley popularized and worn them during the 19th century.

Modern-day rain boots are still produced to keep the feet dry. They are made of rubber and may extend below the knee or just at the mid calf. Non-slip rubber soles are quite useful especially during the rainy seasons or when you are in slippery locations. The insides of these boots may be lined with special material that helps keep the feet dry and warm. Children’s versions may even have handles to help them pull their boots. You can tighten the top of the boots if there are buckles around it, to prevent water leakage.

Popular styles may come in different bright colors and patterns. Zebra and leopard prints, and other animal patterns may be found on some of them. If you wish to stick to basic colors, you may choose dark and bold colored pairs that can go with any colored clothes. These are great for those people who want to wear rain boots during the wet seasons or just because these boots are now in fashion.

Having a good pair of rain boots is an investment not just for fashionable purposes but for functionality as well. Some people who want to wear them for fashion’s sake may do so even if it’s not raining. Whatever your reason may be, it is still a good thing to have a pair that you can use whenever you need them.

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